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  • Moments in time, memorie for life. Emotion drawings that stirred and inspired me to move on.

    A story about my first figurative drawing that I produced, and that inspired a series of emotion drawings later on. I remember feeling lost, and I was missing someone very special in my life. I felt this urge to draw, feel a release from the creative process, to try and process how I was feeling. Something sprung to mind and I started to draw what I was missing. 

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  • The artists that inspire the senses & mind

    When I studied Fine Art at University, there were two artist that I spent a lot of my time reading about and exploring their artwork, the inspiration for creating works...

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  • Meet the Artist

    If you've stubbled across this blog, then a huge hello, and welcome from me. I've written about lots of various topics and I thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of an intro into who I am and my passion, art. 

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  • The link between art, health and wellness

    I always find it fascinating to read about the benefits creating art can have on our health and wellbeing. Creating art serves as a foundation for self-exploration, understanding, acceptance, healing and personal growth, as well as how embracing the highs and lows could actually stimulate expression and inspire artwork.

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  • Spring is in the air, and in my art

    As I’m writing this, the sun is shining and I can hear birds tweeting away outside. ‘Spring is finally here’ I think with a smile on my face. Three months of the year seems to have flown by. I love spring time, the sense of new beginnings, colour and the fresh scent of flowers in the air. Plus, of course, the longer days and more daylight…just fills me with a feeling of energy, vitality and positivity.

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