The artists that inspire the senses & mind

The artists that inspire the senses & mind

There are literally loads of artists and creative people out in the world that inspire us in some shape or form. When I studied Fine Art at University, there were two artist that I spent a lot of my time reading about and exploring their artwork, the inspiration for creating works, that expressed their interests, and passion for using art as a form to showcase experiences, beliefs and their world with others. These two artists were Terry Setch and Peter Lanyon.

Let me begin with Terry Setch, who '...primarily uses found materials and detritus from the beach foreshore - his 'arena' of performance around him, but also the art of the past and present.' A retrospective. I've had this book for absolutely years. I bought it when I studying art (a few years ago now) and I still read it today and genuinely enjoy loosing myself in his world.
terry setch book a retrospective
The book is called 'A retrospective' by Michael Tooby and Martin Holman.
It spans across his 40 year career, as an artist, the highs, lows, and the years of exploration and evolution of his work.
What I found interesting about Terry was the way he created his pieces particularly in the late 90's, early 00's. Terry lived close to the coast, and this is what inspired him most at this time. His work explored the fundamentals of his surroundings, rather then the beauty of the experience. His creations have a deeper meaning. He saw beyond beauty and explored the reality, which he transferred into art. Salvaging items such as trash and debris washed ashore became a medium that Terry used in his pieces. Old Tesco bags, a metal shopping trolley, rope, black bags, plastic bottles, all such items either became a sculpture or collage. Creating the reality of what was the shoreline and upcycling materials no longer wanted. The application of salvaged materials, the use of textures and colour, bring his art to life, and tell a story of which you can get lost in.
terry setch art
His works explores the relationship between him, nature and the natural environment, but also suggests a deeper message about our disregard for pollution in our seas and planet.

Nowadays we are more aware than ever of the impacts on climate change, the plastic we use, and the pollution that's choking our planet. We're all starting to learn so much more and be educated about the impacts of our actions, and how we can help. Reducing plastic in our oceans, doing more to help our delicate eco system, cut carbon in the air we breath, we're all responsible for it and if we all did our bit, the results would significantly change our climate for generations to come.

So lets explore Peter Lanyon.
peter lanyon book

It was in the 1950's era and the work he created in this time that was of most interest to me, and the way he did it. Inspired by American painters likes of Jackson Pollock, Rothko, and Motherwell at this time, Peter's work evolved. This was also the time when started gliding.

Living in St Ives, the beautiful place that it is, who wouldn't want to go and glide off the coastline, and see all it has to offer. What I found most intriguing about Lanyon was his creative process. He would go up is glider, and work from a single, aerial viewpoint, looking directly downwards, taking in all his saw, to apply it back in a two dimensional style, from memory and experience, building up layers of texture and colour.

Both Terry Setch and Peter Lanyon continue to inspire my work as it continues to evolve, and I can see some of my own style mimicking that of these artists, particularly in my festival inspired piece called 'Happy Days', which is now sold.

Festivals mean lots of things to lots of people. To me festivals are about fun, being inspired, being free, being happy, sharing time with others, being ourselves and enjoying the moment.

I can see that my style is becoming more fluid and flexible, whilst keeping some structure with elements on the canvas that give the piece its meaning. Produced with abstract and realistic dimensions, it feels freer, less confined than some of my earlier pieces. The addition of metallic acrylic helps enhance areas whilst the line and layering give depth and definition.
Bye for now x
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