Why we love festivals, and how they inspired my artworks

Why we love festivals, and how they inspired my artworks

Ah for the love of festivals. The world just doesn't feel right without them does it?
I've always enjoyed and loved the outdoors, camping, rambling and exploring new places. The Peak District, Scotland (the West highland Way), Lake District, even so far as to say I'm climbed Kilimanjaro. What an adventure that was! Being outside, exploring, seeing new things, and doing it with others, sharing stories, opening your mind and just being present in the moment.

For me, festivals are the same. I remember one year at Glastonbury and think I walked about 10 miles a day. Aside from that, there is so much that we get out of going to a festival. Call it pure escapism, a chance to let your hair down, experience new and wonderful things. meet new friends, feel inspired. I could go on... In all there beautiful and colourful glory, there is no better way to reconnect in more ways than one.

"Festivals act like stress relievers and help us balance our emotions. More positivity naturally lowers negativity. It also provides an opportunity to reduce friction and brings estranged friends and relatives together in a bond of love." The News International, 2017. This quote just sums it up nicely doesn't it.

The experiences I have of festivals, camping, spending time with friends, finding new ones, finding myself and my inner child, travelling in my campervan, seeing performances and enjoying art, just being free and happy are all things that just put a smile on my face. And why wouldn't it.

When I started work on my festival series, I wanted to bring all those experience, emotions, and a feeling of freedom and joy to my pieces. After all, festivals are happy places, filled with positively, that brings people together. I wanted to bring that out in my work, but convey it through colour, light, texture, with the sense of freedom, joy and belonging.

My first piece was 'festive vibes' which I spent hours on, and it changed over time. The big canvas (143 x 114cm) allowed me freedom to express on canvas. It took 2 years to complete as I kept looking at it, going back to it, working on areas that I needed to redo. It was the first festival inspired painting that I completed and I honestly love it, love looking at it, and being transported back to the memories I have.

At this time I also produced some smaller works inspired by a number of years attending Shambala festival - which is one of my favourites. Glastonbury to.
Fireworks. Prints are for sale here

My second piece of 'Festival Days' 100 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas. I knew in my mind how I wanted the painting to look so I want for it. Straight on canvas, working with the composition as I progress it. Using memories and emotion to bring the piece to life. I was so happy when this piece sold and felt I'd passed the joy of creating it to someone else to enjoy just as much.

I then went on to create 'Happy Days' 100x 100cm, which became more abstract in comparison to Festival Days.

Living our best life
And After 'Happy Days', I was asked to produce a number of commissions.

This one is called it 'Living our best life.' 100 x 100 cm and the other was called 'Memories that make us smile.' 120 x 80cm.

Memories that make us smile

All my festival inspired pieces have been developed with experience, emotion and memory in mind. The more recent commissions are the same, but these are also very personal to the client. If you're ever planning and able to go to a festival, then do it. I can honestly say that they brought me out of my shell and helped me in more ways than one - to be myself, to be happier in myself and to have more balance, positivity and happiness in life. Big statements? Maybe, but its true.

Bye for now x

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