The highs and lows of an Artist

The highs and lows of an Artist

‘Life has its ups and downs, but you can only look forward’ Frank Lowy

We all have ups and downs, it’s inevitable and unfortunately, there’s no instruction manual for how to live this life. Sometimes I think it would be easier if there was. On one hand I guess we all feel like that sometimes but on the other hand, who needs instructions for everything! Wouldn't that stifle our very existence, our creativity, freedom and our right to express? Maybe, maybe not.

As an #artist, it makes sense that we should embrace these highs and lows to stimulate expression and inspire our art. But what if you go so low, that seeing the brush for the paint is a task, let alone the wood for the trees. Art can play a huge role in helping us to find our inner peace and put us on the path to happiness.
I have young daughter and, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing and I love her with all of my being, but the pressure of constant plate spinning, sleepless nights and juggling emotions has been hard. I admit it, I’m human, and for a while, it just seemed like life was constantly moving around me and I felt stuck in the middle, not really going anyway, just round, and round until I feared I would implode. This was a turning point for me and why I started to produce more artwork. More of what I love. Producing #art gave me a little bit of ‘me’ back.

I think it was Thomas Merton who said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - so, true!

It felt good to rekindle the creative passion that I felt I’d lost and I’m proud of the work I’m producing, and whilst, I wouldn’t say I used my ‘low’ to inspire my art pieces. It certainly had a way of inspiring healthy change in my life. It gave me direction, motivation and energy to refocus and turn a ‘low’ into a big ‘high’.
Before I go, I’d like to end by saying that even if creating art, or painting isn’t your ‘thing’; maybe you like to read or write books, exercise, do Yoga, play or listen to music, sing, go walking, it really doesn’t matter to anyone else, it should only matter to you. You should always do what you love, do what makes you happy, and do what helps you stay present in the here and now. In short, live your life, and enjoy the ride!

Bye for now x

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