Refresh Your Home Decor with Floral and Festival Style Affordable Artwork

Refresh Your Home Decor with Floral and Festival Style Affordable Artwork

With spring in full bloom and summer rapidly approaching, it's the perfect time to give your home a refreshing new look with unique and affordable artwork. Whether you're into pastels, bright colours, or bold prints, there are various ways to brighten up your interiors without breaking the bank. Floral and festival-style pieces are always a popular choice during these seasons, bringing a cheerful and lively atmosphere into your home. From paintings and prints to cushions and bedding, this blog post will explore some of my hand-picked favourites to inspire you for the season ahead.

Affordable Floral Artwork for Your Home

Nothing says spring quite like flowers, they’re a great choice to add a pop of colour to your decor. You can incorporate floral-themed artwork into your home in various ways; from original artwork on canvas like , to subtle tulip prints or this energetic ‘flourish’ design. Not only can you buy these original pieces and prints, but you can also get other home accessories such as artboards and printed cushions, or even a clock adorned with floral art!

Affordable Floral Artwork for Your Home

These unique pieces of affordable artwork showcase the beauty of nature in a unique and artistic form. You'll be captivated by the stunning composition, vivid colours and emotions these pieces evoke, inspiring us to see the world in a new light and reminding us that there is always beauty to be found, even in the most unexpected of places. They’re perfect for bringing a little joy and colour to transform your space.

Pro tip: Opt for a large painting to make a bold statement, or mix and match with smaller pieces to create a cohesive floral gallery wall. And let's not forget the power of colour coordination - match those petals with a throw, pillow or complementary rug and voila, you're a design genius. Plus, you can't argue with the calming effects of a floral painting in your bedroom - hello, sweet dreams! The best part? You don't need to be an art expert to appreciate the beauty of abstract flower paintings - they're a game-changer for every style and budget.

Bring The Festival Season Indoors with Abstract Festival Art

The coming of spring means that festival season is just around the corner! So if you’re a festival lover like me I think it’s high time to embrace the vibes of your favourite events, even if you're indoors. How, you ask? Enter abstract festival art. With its bold colours and funky designs, it's the perfect way to liven up your living space and bring that festival feeling to your home. Throw in some eye-catching festival prints or festival canvases, and you can almost smell the dewy morning grass and hear the distant bass beats. So don't let the fact that you're not pitch-tenting it right now get you down. Embrace the indoor festival life and let the art do the talking.

Bring The Festival Season Indoors with Affordable Abstract Festival Art

These festival-themed pieces of affordable artwork will bring an eclectic and bohemian style to your home. Think bright colours, fringe accents and chilled-out vibes; these pieces exude a carefree, youthful spirit. You can incorporate this style through various accessories, such as a floral or fringed throw, large indoor plants, macramé wall hangings, and festival-inspired prints.

Artwork is an excellent way to add personality and character to your home, whether it's an original piece or a print. A floral painting can add a splash of colour and nature to your room, providing a serene and calming atmosphere. But if it’s a little bit of energy you would like to inject, why not try a festival-themed piece to showcase your style and get the party started! 

Not sure what I mean? Check out this incredible limited edition ‘Fireworks’ print, an explosion of light and energy….

Fireworks Affordable Artwork for Your Home

Cushions and Accessories: Affordable Artwork for Your Home

Cushions and accent pieces such as clocks are an easy and cost-effective way to add some festive or floral touches to your home depending on the season or your mood. Adding these to your room can provide comfort and style to your space. Whether you choose a vibrant festival scene or a whimsical floral print, you can switch them up with your mood or the seasons.

Another fun idea is to mix and match prints and colours to add some fun and personality to your room. Layer a variety of textures for a cosy and bohemian feel that reflects your personality.

So if you’re ready to refresh your home decor this spring/summer with some fresh floral or festival-style pieces, I’ve got a little secret, you can sign up for my newsletter and you will get 10% off your first order PLUS have first dibs on new collections and more exclusive offers as a subscriber!! Let’s brighten up your rooms and add personality to your space. Whether you prefer pastels or bold colours, there are various options that can make your room feel more vibrant and lively. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colours to showcase your unique style. Let your home be an extension of your personality and a reflection of your love for florals and festivals with a 10% discount when you sign up here.

Commissions Artwork for Your Home

Commission a piece of affordable artwork for your home. My works are inspired by nature and experiences in the natural world that help us to thrive as people, connected and grounded to our surroundings. Driven by this is my latest series of floral and festival artworks. If you're looking to bring the outside indoors with a beautiful vibrant piece, I'm the artist for you! I simply love being outdoors, whether that be exploring a summer festival or the local countryside. You can commission a piece of artwork that is inspired by your own festival experiences or exploration of nature.

From festive colours to calming natural scenes, I work in a range of styles and mediums, so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your home. So why settle for boring blank walls when you can add a touch of vibrant personality to your space? Commission a piece of affordable artwork from me today, and let's make your home a work of art!

Just visit my ‘commission me’ page to contact me today and we can chat about what you have in mind. Whether it's a unique festival-inspired piece or a serene floral design to match your home decor, I've got you covered. Let's bring your vision to life and make your space truly one-of-a-kind!

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