Doodling sessions for Mindful Meditation

Doodling sessions for Mindful Meditation

A few weeks ago now but I wanted to share this as I really enjoyed running the sessions and it was just so lovely to connect with others and provide some insight on the powers of Doodling.

Yes doodling. It's been around for an absolute age and is actually a powerful tool in helping you find inner calm, to refocus, have an all important break, and overall can help as part of managing our mental health and wellbeing.

I doodle regularly and for me it's a great release for tension, slowing my brain down, so I can think things through, as well as alleviates my anxiety and helps me refocus when things feel a little stuck and muddy. Plus, all you need is a pen and paper, bear minimum! So you can really just crack on, create and have a few moments of mindfulness.

I was so pleased to run these sessions for a corporate business as part of their Wellbeing week. The sessions were run in their lunch-break and was 30 minutes long. I explained the benefits of doodling, how to doodle and then we spent half the session creating a doodle and experiencing its benefits. Plus creating some creative doodles, and having a natter at the same time.

The sessions were free-flowing so everyone felt at ease to enjoy them and get the most from the exercise. As we’re all working from home, it was also a delight to have some of the participants' children join in.

I had such lovely feedback on how beneficial the lunchtime sessions were and how nice it is to spend their lunch break with the sense of connection and wellbeing. I was truly delighted to offer it.

If you would like to speak to me about Doodling workshops, Art Therapy exercises and ways creativity can help process emotion and help our wellbeing, drop me a message. It's a huge passion of mine, the link between art and wellness and I hope what I share is helpful to you. Let me know.
In the meantime, hop over to my Instagram where there is a quick 'how to' video for Doodling. Have a pen and paper ready...
Bye for now x
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