8 Personalised Mother's Day Gifts So You Can Ditch Petrol Station Flowers

8 Personalised Mother's Day Gifts So You Can Ditch Petrol Station Flowers

Looking for perfect, personalised Mother’s Day gifts to show her how much you care?

Forget the petrol station flowers and chocolates – treat your mum, grandmother or special figure in your life to a personalised Mother's Day gift she’ll cherish forever.

Whether it's a figurative illustration, an original painting or perhaps a personalised meaningful montage of the places you have explored together, there’s something special for everyone. I’ve outlined some of my favourite gifts that are both affordable and meaningful - making them the perfect present! Let’s explore my top eight unique and personalised Mother’s Day gifts:

Personalised Mother's Day Gift Print

Photo Frame with a Personalised Print

A photo frame is a classic gift that never fails to please. But why not make it extra special by customising it with a special print with a cute message or a mother and daughter illustration for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift! These sweet and sentimental gifts vary in price starting at just £8.99 - the perfect addition to any frame and a fabulous present for that special person in your life.

Personalised Mother's Day Gifts Original Figurative Illustrations

Original Figurative Illustrations

Figurative illustrations have risen in popularity recently as they make affordable sentimental gifts that can be treasured forever. This original figurative illustration representing you and your mum together would make the perfect personalised Mother’s Day gift.

These unique original drawings start at just £35 and are created using Stabilo black marker along with Artistro metallic gold and silver ink, giving the piece an extra shine and dimension which looks stunning when it catches the light.

Print Artwork Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

Print Artwork

Bring a room to life with an inspirational and affordable piece of art for your mother or special someone! At just £14.50, prints of original artworks make the perfect affordable, unique and personal Mother’s Day gift. From delicate florals like tulips and freshly blooming flowers, to daring abstract pieces like 'lively skies' or bright landscapes — print artwork is the ideal addition to any home.

Prints can come A4 size, and are a surefire way to brighten up any space! These gorgeous prints come on quality gloss paper, and hand wrapped with care to ensure they’re safely delivered to your door.

Commissioned Illustrated Pictures Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

Commissioned Illustrated Pictures

If you want to give your mum something truly personal, consider getting her an illustrated picture or painting. You can commission an illustration or even get a piece created based on one of your favourite memories together - the possibilities are endless!

Alternatively, get the whole family involved for a personalised family drawing that’s made to order, entirely unique, and will be sure to bring a tear to mum’s eye! Plus, it may not cost as much as you think, with prices for commission pieces starting from just £53 (which of course is a bargain when you split it with your siblings!). However, you will need to plan ahead for this one as custom personalised Mother’s Day gifts take a little bit of time to complete.

Original Artwork Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

Original Artwork

Unsure about getting a personalised piece of artwork? Why not take a look at an original piece of artwork or a limited edition print? You can then personalise it with a handwritten note explaining how much she means to you and why this special piece made you think of her.

Personalised Mother's Day Gift Review

There is a variety of subject matter explored in these original pieces and prints, including energetic abstract art, nautical pieces, gorgeous floral artwork perfect to take centre stage in any home and lively festival art! There is a unique and beautiful piece already designed and ready for you to personalise that will make mum smile from ear to ear come Mother's Day morning.


Personalised Mother's Day Gifts Off the Wall Artwork

Take the Art off the Wall with Gorgeous Mugs, Totes and More!

Beautiful wall art and prints not your mum’s ‘thing’? No problem, let’s take the art off the wall and take a look at these fabulous and unique alternatives…

These gorgeous mugs are printed with unique pieces of artwork and totally different to your standard off-the-shelf ‘Love You Mum’ supermarket mug. These mugs will show you’ve shopped around and found something special just for her.

There are so many options you can choose from to create original personalised Mother’s Day gifts when you shop with me on Redbubble, simply select the design you think she will like best and choose the product you would like to place it on and get it delivered straight to your door.

So, if your mum is ALWAYS forgetting her shopping bags, get her a reusable tote with a fabulous design. Or maybe she’s a little clumsy with her phone, this abstract floral design looks great on a phone case, will protect her phone and will think of you every time it saves her from a chipped screen - thoughtful and practical!

Personalised Portrait Mother's Day Gift

Personal Portrait

Treat your Mum to a portrait or personalised drawing made just for her; whether you commission a portrait of her beloved pet (because we all know it’s dogs over sprogs!) or would prefer a gorgeous pencil portrait of you and her sharing a special moment. One of the most lovable pieces I have had the pleasure of working on is this portrait of a lady and her dog, capturing the sheer delight, love and loyalty between them.

You can choose from watercolour overlaid with black, gold and silver ink or go for a classic pencil portrait, there are so many different ways you can have something special created for your mum this year. This is sure to be one of the most thoughtful gifts she will receive this Mother’s Day but be sure to get in touch quickly, these pieces can take up to 15 days to produce so plan ahead!

Personalised Mother's Day Gifts Memory Montage

Illustrated Meaningful Montages and Bespoke Line Illustrations Demonstrating a Special Story, Moment or Memory

Do you and your mum LOVE to make memories together? Yes?! Then a personalised meaningful montage is the perfect personalised Mother’s Day gift. These gorgeous bespoke pieces are commissioned to illustrate meaningful places that you have explored together, making memories or places that have a shared significance. Whether that be your favourite family holiday or that day trip to Stamford where you could not stop giggling. These emotion drawings bring together those we share our lives with, a story to be remembered or a treasured memory to be shared, encapsulating friendship, love and experience in one art piece.

You can choose a number of locations to combine into a beautiful memory map that is totally unique to your experiences and add a personal message or quote as the perfect finishing touch. As with the other commissioned pieces, these personalised pen and ink illustrations do take up to 15 days to produce but are so worth the wait!

Personalised Mother's Day Gifts Review

No matter what kind of personalised Mother's Day gifts you choose, your mum, grandmother or special person in your life is sure to love them. These thoughtful and unique gifts will show her just how much she means to you - no matter how far apart you may be. So take some time this year to remind mum how much you appreciate all she does with the perfect personalised present.

Whether you’re looking for something truly unique and personal or just want to bring a smile to her face, customising the perfect gift for that special figure in your life is easy. From illustrated pictures and paintings to portraits and personalised drawings, there are plenty of creative ways to make your mother feel appreciated this Mother's Day. Visit my shop today to pick out the perfect Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts. Show mum some extra love with one of our thoughtfully curated presents. Or better yet - order now so it arrives on time!

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