In Lockdown: Relieving the creative block

In Lockdown: Relieving the creative block

It’s hard to imagine that just 4 months ago, our world, as we know it, changed.

We suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, worried of the unknown of what was to come.


It’s hard to comprehend the impact of something so big, taking hold and changing things so quickly with devastating consequences. I felt very small and insignificant against such an invisible monster. Vulnerable, scared and completely bewildered.

In the last 4 months, we have gone through so much and it’s not over yet. It’s affected our very existence, yet, we have evolved, and adapted to new ways of living, which hasn’t always been easy, and everyone one of us I’m sure has had our own challenges along the way.

Through all this, our community spirit that have lifted hearts and kept us going. Coming together - we’ve clapped for our NHS hero’s and others in our community who are volunteering. I dare say that each one of us knows someone who works for the NHS, has volunteered their time, or who is just being a good neighbour – we are truly blessed to have them in our lives :-)

As emotional as things have been, the true nature of human compassion and kindness has shined through. Rainbows in peoples windows has brought a smile to my face. Taking part in charity runs for Runforheros, and making face masks for volunteers has certainly lifted my spirits and gave me a sense of ‘doing my bit’ to help.

As an artist I found lockdown drain my mood and with it, things that used to inspire and drive me, bemused me, and just seemed grey and dull. It took a bit of time to adjust and take stock of where I was, and actually I found it hard to draw, or start drawing, or, think of drawing if I was honest.
So, having an art therapy course under my belt I started to look at the content I’d studied and started to draw doodle, mandalas, zentangles, and found that the process of doing very simple lines and pattern helped my mind to be in a much more productive place to be creative.
I had all these grand plans of exhibitions, events and workshops, that didn’t go ahead, so whilst I was enjoying the process of doodling and other art exercises I decided I would also do some ’10 minute art time’ exercises – at the thought that if these are helping me, it might just help others to.
Isn’t it strange that in some ways, change can give you opportunity to think differently, maybe apply yourself in ways you wouldn’t think you would before?
Doodling for me, as much as it is the simple act itself had on my mental wellness, has also given me freedom to explore and experiment, and I’ve started to apply the doodle design to upcycling furniture. Its early days but had I not gone through the past 3 months as I had, would I have thought to do this? Maybe, maybe not?
Either way, I’m enjoying the process and how these ideas are developing. I think hubby is a little worried every piece of furniture in the house will be doodled on but he’s taking my creative leaps in his stride :-)

Stay well and safe out there everyone. It’s not ‘we’ll get through this’, it’s ‘we’re getting through this’ now and some kind of ‘normal’ will resume in the not so distant future.

Bye for now x
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