From the beginning to end - Evolution of inspired them and the process of creation

From the beginning to end - Evolution of inspired them and the process of creation

I've always had a passion for Art and love to create works that people can connect with and enjoy.

As you may already know, I'm inspired by the outdoors, being in nature and experiences of life. In particular my festival series expresses the emotion, joy and energy of a festival through line, colour, mark making and texture, adding common shapes, like tents, fireworks, colourful flags, and dancing figures that come from my memories of the festival scene - filled with music, fun, dance and friendship.

I wanted to share with you the practical application and process that I apply, and the mediums, methods and materials I use to create my pieces. I like to explore with materials and am always in a phase of trying ways of making different marks and textures to my pieces. sometime what I use works sometimes it doesn't, but the process is exciting non the less as it allows me to feel free to experiment and see what works with what I'm trying to convey in the painting.

Most works start straight on canvas, or I have a single sketch of paper that I begin with. Undoubtedly as the painting develops it moves away from the initial, however, I like not quite knowing what the end result will be, and rather use my emotional compass and memories to inspire its design, colour and direction.
I usually work on medium to large canvases. The most common medium that I work with is acrylic on canvas, or board. I also use metallic based acrylic which brings in another dimension to the paintings, and also evokes energy, warmth, joy and light, and black and metallic markers to emphasise line or shape.

I apply big brush strokes to create the initial look of the piece, then I build on this, adding colour, line and mark making to create depth, shape, detail and texture. I use brushes, sponges, spatulas, rubber and metal pallets, continually working on the entire canvas, adding paint, line and shape, building up the picture as I go. When I am happy that the piece is finished, the last medium I apply is gold leaf liquid. This is added to areas of the painting, where I want certain elements to stand out, or catch the light.

More recently I have also used charcoal and pencil crayon to build the layers and add texture to my pieces. I think the graininess of the pencil and charcoal brings an organic and natural feel and texture to the paintings, which also relates to being outside, in nature, at a festival.

I'm really keen to explore more with these textures and I can see how my festival inspired pieces are developing and evolving as I explore different mediums and materials.

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The other approach that I've not mentioned yet, is that for some of my more simpler line festival inspired works, I use my tablet and create them digitally. This further channel is one which I reproduce some of my work for digital use on merchandise, prints and home décor products. To me this is a completely different way of producing my art and is something that I'm continuing to explore. When I produce my works on canvas or board, I feel more physical and involved throughout the process as there are lots more mediums I use, and the application of materials is wide ranging. In contrast when I'm working on my tablet, there is one method of creation, and I have a digital pen to work with. It's not a negative, more an observation that both approaches have there place and both channels are an important part in the production of art to sell.

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Bye for now x
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